2. hopelessdinosaurs:

    Penthouse January 1977

    (via dumpster-kitty)



  4. (Source: deathbedart)


  5. eagledaggerrosepanther:

    Matty Higgins



  6. skinsketchbook:

    "I should have kissed you more before you left"


  7. Oops okay


  8. paintedwhiteandcarvedinstone:

    Tattoo artist;
    Marcus Holmberg @ Ekersgatan 13


  9. fuckyeahtraditionaltattoos:

    Rich Hardy - Sydney, Australia



  11. effortequalsprogress:

    Roses on my lady
    By:Ryan Collins


  12. bestfriendsmeansforever-cunt:

    bottle of tears - @kooyacht


  13. (Source: toothcutter)


  14. illfitlife:

    Digital illustration.
    Tyler Guidry @tylerguid


  15. pradahoe:

    So when Joan Rivers; a racist, transphobic, victim blaming, pro-Israel bitch dies she’s put down as ‘problematic’ and I’m meant to feel bad for being glad that she died but I’m supposed to be okay when an unarmed black teenager is publicly executed just for being black and his fucking killer gets over $400K donated to him and doesn’t get charged with anything and gets to walk freely???